Davee Scholarship Program

The Davee Scholarship

This program is funded by the Jerry and Carolyn Davee Fund and is available to burn survivors in our region.

“To empower and inspire burn survivors in San Diego and Imperial County to pursue educational and professional opportunities in order to reach their full potential.”

Scholarship Guidelines

The Burn Institute will consider applications to support matriculation in any form of continuing education program that is justified by this application. Please consider the following when filling out the application:

AWARD AMOUNT: $2,000.00

1. Please type the answers to your essay questions and attach. If you must write, ensure that your application is legible. Please limit response to one page per question.

2. Attach a copy of any scholarships/financial aid that you are applying for or have already received. Please include amount given.

3. Attach an estimate of tuition fees, room and board fees, and other estimated fees for the school year.

4. Optional: If you would like to strengthen your application, please provide a copy of high school or college transcripts.

5. Please provide two letters of recommendation from non-family members who can speak to your personal, professional, and educational goals and ambitions. These letters must be sent directly from the institution or individual writing the letter.

6. Submit completed application to:
Lynnae Milo at the Burn Institute at
8825 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123.

7. Make sure you keep a personal copy for your files.

8. As part of the scholarship award process, students selected as semi-finalists may be required to participate in an interview process with the Selection Committee. Selected students will be notified as to the date, time, and location of the interview.

9. The Selection Committee may request additional information prior to or during the interview.

Interested in applying? Email lmilo@burninstitute.org to receive a full application

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