Camp Beyond The Scars


2019 Camp Dates:

Camper Dates:
July 15-19, 2019
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Volunteer Dates:
July 14-19, 2019
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2019 Camp Location:

Palomar Christian Conference Center—Doane Valley Campus

Our Mission

To provide young burn survivors with a fun, safe, supportive, and inclusive camp environment that encourages healing, personal growth and character development within a natural setting.

Our Vision

A Camp Environment that is Healthy & Safe…The health and safety of our campers is our top priority! Decisions regarding facility selection, program opportunities and staff selection are all made with the health and safety of our campers placed first and foremost. Camp operations are consistent with American Camp Association standards for this reason.

A Camp Environment Where Kids Can Be Kids…We strive to provide our campers an environment that allows them to interact with others who have had common experiences and challenges so that they can better realize that they are not alone in their injuries. Through peer interaction, a cultivated sense of empathy, and role modeling, campers can better gain the confidence necessary to make the transition from being a victim of a tragic incident to becoming a survivor!

A Camp Environment That Is Strength Based…We believe in providing a camp environment that empowers our campers to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. We believe in cultivating positive attitudes and fostering peer support – providing an opportunity for our campers to learn that they are capable of anything and everything they want to try.

A Camp That Is Trauma Informed…Backed by growing research and awareness surrounding the impact of trauma on the body, brain, and development, we strive to incorporate evidence based practices and training for all staff and volunteers to understand the life altering experience of trauma. We strive to normalize the impact of trauma for our campers so that they are not alone in their experience and that they are able to find post traumatic growth opportunities in their Camp experience and beyond.

Our Values

We value positive attitudes and peer support | We value trust and respect | We value learning opportunities |We value team-building and personal empowerment | We strive to empathize and understand | We expect personal accountability and responsibility |We respect individuality and differences of opinion

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