Family Retreat

A  burn injury is something that the whole family unit needs to heal from. Family retreat provides an opportunity for just that. This program aims to provide a supportive space for burn survivors ages 0-8 and their families.

The 2019 Family Retreat is taking place April 26-28 at the Island Palms Hotel and Marina on Shelter Island. Applications are now closed.

Family Retreat is a support-based program designed for burn survivors, ages 0-8 years old and their immediate family members. This unique two-day and overnight program helps children along with their families understand and cope with the physical and emotional challenges associated with burn recovery. Family Retreat will provide an opportunity for families to spend time with others overcoming similar challenges in an informal, supportive camp setting.

The program focuses on healthy emotional and physical recovery with an emphasis on providing the children the opportunity to socialize with other burn survivors. The adult sessions assists parents and caregivers by providing the support and education necessary to encourage a child who has suffered a severe burn injury and the sibling program provides therapeutic recreational activities for older children and a professional daycare for younger children.

Adult Retreat

This empowering three-day weekend revolves around self-discovery and peer based support.

The 2019 Adult Retreat will be taking place November 7-10 at the Island Palms Hotel and Marina on Shelter Island. Applications will be available soon!

The Adult Retreat is available for burn survivors 25 years and older. This retreat provides a venue where participants can:

  • Talk openly and honestly about their challenges and triumphs living with a burn injury
  • Overcome self-doubt, and understand their true abilities
  • Connect about coping skills with their scars
  • Embark on the path of self-acceptance
  • Provide support to other burn survivors
  • Feel safe and supported

Young Adult Retreat

The Burn Institute has established a retreat for young adults, aged 18-25, to provide a mechanism of emotional support from a network of others who have shared and continue to share similar experiences.

The 2019 Young Adult Retreat will be taking place May 16-19 in Warm Springs, Georgia. Applications are now closed.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be very difficult for anyone let alone those experiencing issues as a result of a severe burn injury. The Young Adult Burn Survivor Retreat is a peer-focused, support based, stimulating, intensive and empowering journey of self-discovery.

For more information, contact:

Leilani Stone | Director of Burn Survivor Services
Email | (858) 541-2277 ext. 19

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